7 Rules to Consider when Choosing a Garden Fence

garden fence

7 Rules to Consider when Choosing a Garden Fence

garden fence prices

garden fence prices

A garden fence is a commonly used enclosure product to protect and ensure the security of homes’ gardens. However, there are some rules to consider when selecting and applying it. These rules can be listed as follows:

• Firstly, the selection of fence material is crucial. Attention should be paid to the durability and quality of the material used. The correct choice should be made among wood, PVC, metal, steel, or wire mesh materials.

• The fence height should be determined according to the size and needs of the garden. Generally, a fence of 1.5 meters may be sufficient. However, this varies depending on the garden’s location, security needs, and privacy level.

• The eye gap should be selected according to the intended use of the fence. The eye gap should be 5×5 cm or smaller to prevent small animals from entering the garden.

• Fence dimensions should be determined according to the garden’s area and intended use of the fence. Correct dimensions are essential for the fence’s aesthetics and safety.

• The fence must be properly installed. Fixing the fence firmly to the ground is important for the fence’s durability. Additionally, the correct selection and use of tools used in the fence installation are also essential.

• It should have an aesthetic appearance. It should create a stylish appearance suitable for the garden’s style. This can be achieved with elements such as fence color, size, and material selection.

• Finally, it should be periodically checked and maintained. Damages on the fence should be repaired promptly. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the fence. In this way, the product provides better security for the garden.

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Garden Fence Models

grass fence

grass fence

Green-colored fences that are produced to adapt to the garden’s natural structure are among the most common garden fence models. Green fence models are preferred because they adapt to the environment and do not spoil the garden’s natural appearance.

If the fence wire is galvanized, it is made of durable material. It is used especially in areas where security is needed. These fences generally have a simple and plain structure. Therefore, their use is also common in industrial areas.

There are many different options among fence models. It is important to choose a fence model suitable for the garden’s needs and style. In addition, fence installation is also essential, and care must be taken when performing this process.

Green Garden Fence

Green garden fences are generally used to surround gardens and homes. They are also used to delineate specific areas. Models that are green in color are preferred to provide a natural appearance. In this way, it is ensured that the fence is in harmony with the garden’s green plants.

Since the garden fence is green in color, it provides a pleasant appearance to the garden without disturbing the natural landscape around it. In addition, the green-colored fence provides an environmentally friendly appearance while preserving the natural characteristics of the garden. This feature makes the green garden fence an ideal option.

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